One of my biggest pet peeves is misuse of the word couture. More specifically, I hate when celebrities misuse the word. The most technical definition of couture is the hand sewing of garments specifically for the measurements and desires of the client. There are only a select number of certified couture houses in the world. To all you celebrities: you are not one of them.

Exhibit A: Pamela Anderson’s new thigh high stockings line entitled Pamela Anderson Couture Collection. There are five different styles all about $40 and conveniently available at Couture, I think not. They are beautifully designed thigh highs, if that’s even possible. However, other more suitable adjectives that come to mind include slutty, provocative, and in no way couture. But Pamela is not the only one to misuse the title. JWoww from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” has also debuted a line called Filthy Couture. Enough said; no bitching necessary.

However, for the humor of the situation I will elaborate on the tragic story of Alexis Couture. Recently, Alexis Bellina from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” came out with a line of dresses fit for the classiest prostitutes. Naturally, she named the line Alexis Couture. She was reamed in the press for misusing the word, and it was later discovered that well-known porn star “Alexis Couture” also shared the name. This hilarious mishap alone should be an awakening to the public that the coveted title of couture should not be slapped on just any old product.

-Victoria Troxler
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