Cracked Out: Tips for Sexy Summer Feet

Posted: July 23, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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So, I recently had a nasty callus on my right foot. Keyword: had. I wouldn’t write about this were that dried and cracked out callus still living sparingly on the ball of my right foot. Honestly, it’s not as bad as the pictures you see when you do a quick Google search, I swear. I’m disgusting—no, I was disgusting. It’s the summertime and I know damn well many of you, if not most, have this same issue, but are too embarrassed to admit it.

Have you been slathering lotion on that callus to no end? Not even Shea butter did it, right? Have you tried clipping away the thickening patch of ugliness with a nail clipper to no avail? Not even a scissor could get rid of that thing, right? It’s OK, I’ve been there. Strip away the embarrassment and callus with these simple steps and tips, and you’ll find your foot-fetish lover back on your toes soon enough! Products and tips Karen-tested, and Karen-approved.

What to BUY:

CoverGirl Pumice Stone/Massager, $3.49 (BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!), Rite Aid
Sally Hansen Callus & Foot Softener, $8.99, Walgreens
Freeman Bare Foot Shea Butter Heel & Callus Balm Peppermint & Plum, $3.79, CVS

What to DO:

  1. While showering, be sure to soak your feet for at least a minute. Once moist, wet your pumice stone and rub it against your callus. I rub the stone over all the callus-prone areas of my foot, like my heel and the sides of my toes, regardless if I have a callus there or not. You’re basically scrubbing off all that dried skin.
  2. At night, apply the Sally Hansen Callus & Foot Softener while your feet are still tender so that your skin absorbs the gel along with the water from your shower.
  3. In the morning, apply the Freeman Bare Foot Shea Butter Heel & Callus Balm to your feet so that they don’t dry out during a long day’s worth of walking.

I guarantee you after a few days, your feet will be softer than ever. If they aren’t, seek some professional help, buddy. Seriously.

-Karen Hor

  1. Cracked Feet says:

    This are truly great infos and very useful tips, Thanks! One option if you need a lotion to use in conjunction with the above remedies is Pure Pedi. Our exclusive formula of exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids AHAs will easily remove dry, cracked skin build-up and calluses from the heels and feet.

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