Old Navy Uses Kim Kardashian Lookalike in Commercial. Kim’s Pissed.

Posted: July 21, 2011 by jerkmagblog in POP - pop culture
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Kim Kardashian is reportedly suing Old Navy for $20 million after the company casted an apparent Kim Kardashian doppelganger to be in their commercials. Her name is Melissa Molinaro, and she bears a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian. Kim claims that Old Navy purposely did this to use her celebrity and familiar face to sell their clothes. I don’t find it at all to be a coincidence that the lawsuit has just now been filed, since it recently came to light that Kim’s ex, Reggie Bush, is dating Molinaro. It most likely just added fuel to the fire.

Personally, I think the entire Kardashian clan is just a bunch of walking advertisements, and as much as I want to hate all of them, I’m addicted to their show, follow them on Twitter, bought their terrible book, and, for some ungodly reason, really want to set foot into one of their stores and buy a shirt.  I know, I’m a complete sell out. But the truth of the matter is: we can’t get enough Kardashian. It’s to the point where companies are hiring Kardashian lookalikes to boost their sales.

Why? Because obviously we’re all going to sit there and wonder ‘oh my gosh is that Kim Kardashain!?’ 1.7 million of us have already viewed the commercial on YouTube, which ultimately leads to more money in Kim’s pocket for doing absolutely nothing except having a pretty face, a funny show, water bottles with her logo on it, and a clothing store. All because of one sex tape. And here we are under the impression that paying all this money for a solid education will land us great jobs.

-Julia Fuino

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