Dior Seriously Missing Galliano

Posted: July 9, 2011 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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I would be performing a disservice if I did not mention the disaster that was the Dior Fall Couture 2011 show. If you haven’t read any of the harsh reviews, let’s just say the show was an embarrassment to the Christian Dior brand. In the wake of John Galliano’s trial for racist slurs, his studio director Bill Gaytten and first assistant Susanna Venegas took the reigns to imitate Galliano’s haute refined visions.

That was the first mistake; faking Galliano’s signature style is an impossible task. Gaytten and Venegas tried to imitate Galliano’s style and, instead, yielded cartoonish clown-like results. I personally felt like I was watching a Cirque Du Soleil runway show, rather than Dior couture. There was simply too much. There were art deco prints mixed with cotton candy-like tulle and geometric hairpieces, not to mention the couture hair and makeup. Right when I thought my eyes had seen enough, caftans popped up in the middle of the show. This transitioned into ball gowns. It was a mess.

Along with many fashion advocates, I believe Dior should be feeling the pressure to hire someone quickly. However, Dior CEO Sidney Toledano told AFP, “You know when you ask young girls all the time when they are going to get married, they reply: ‘When I find the right man.’” This calm, collected and unconcerned CEO seems to be just an act. When your current creative designer sends a tragic show down the runway, you most definitely don’t think about finding the right man. You think about finding the next easy date.

-Victoria Troxler

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