Racial Slurs at SU Caught on Video

Posted: June 24, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives, ZONE -- syracuse
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[[UPDATE: Since publication of this article, Benjamin Lin has decided to remove the video of the incident from YouTube out of respect for all those who appear in it. Excerpts from the video can be read below. Lin has since been in full cooperation with the Department of Public Safety. According to Lin, the situation has now been settled with Judicial Affairs.] ]

Hard to believe racism still exists, isn’t it? Well, actually, no. On the night of June 23, SU alum Benjamin Lin recorded a video of his neighbors on Walnut Avenue yelling racial slurs and chucking an unidentified object at the camera. The ill-informed delinquent you see in the video is making racial remarks, including but not limited to, “Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty!” and “Math, math, math!”

It comes as no surprise that he describes Asians and/or Asian Americans as “f*****s,” “m***********g fish,” and “ninjas.” He also thinks Asian males have “short dicks”—clearly, he hasn’t broadened his horizons as of late. This fine gentleman goes on to say Asian and/or Asian Americans get no respect in the United States. Well dear God, no kidding! And to think I haven’t learned enough during the 21 years I’ve lived on this perfect Earth. Here’s what he had to say about my friend who taped this:

“Won’t come outside though cause you’re a f*****g coward…f*****g Japanese, beat your ass in World War II m***********s!”
“You know you’re in my country right?”
“But you have to come to my country, steal our f*****g education and f**k with us.”

If Chancy Nancy, or any university officials, refuse to act upon this travesty and continue to harbor and accept racial harassment, then I don’t know why I’m still paying a shit-ton of money to associate myself with such animals. I am not accusing anyone of sitting idly as racism spills across campus.

What I am accusing people of, especially those in authority within SU, including students, is a lack of consistency in effort. We congregate, brainstorm and create programs in hopes of sealing the racism gap, but they have obviously obviously ineffective. As incoming freshmen, we are mandated to complete Alcohol EDU, an alcohol abuse prevention program featuring amateur actors in fabricated scenarios. Underage drinking is unlawful, yes, but so is racial harassment.

Racial slurs and derogatory or offensive statements against one’s race are unlawful. Where is our Racism EDU video for that? Where in our core curriculum is there a course on racism in America? Where is there a day we pay tribute to the lives lost in brutal massacres and bullying due to racial remarks? Do they think we simply carry that kind of information from U.S. History in high school with us to college? The idiot in this video is a prime example there are some things we must constantly reteach.

I am not sorry for wanting an America and college campus free of racism. The U.S. has been and always will be a melting pot of beautiful and intelligent people. Don’t let one fool put you down. Remember, we have as much value as the American standing next you. Oh let’s not forget, “Godzilla is coming!” I’m looking at you, Nancy Cantor.

-Karen Hor

  1. genyspot says:

    Karen, thanks for speaking. I’m also waiting to see if SU addresses the fact that homophobic slurs were also used. They have several messes to clean up.

  2. Mitch Mitchell says:

    This is abhorrent, and I hope they find the guy & kick him and those who didn’t stop him out of school forever. I hate stuff like this, and I applaud those who filmed it instead of grabbing a baseball bat and going after the guy like I might have years ago.

  3. genyspot says:

    The video has been removed. I wonder what prompted that.

  4. vania says:

    I wish I could see the video. Apparently SU is investigating this, so I hope we find out what happens to the guy. Thanks JERK for updating over summer break!

  5. Richard says:

    The video’s been taken down. Why did they remove it? Pressure from the university, the police, or both?

  6. Glenn Coin says:

    Karen: I’m a reporter for The Post-Standard/syracuse.com. I’m looking for some more background on this. Can you email me at gcoin@syracuse.com?
    Glenn Coin

  7. dvdvd says:

    I would assume the video was removed as it is evidence for any charges that would be brought against the racist pig.

  8. C_H says:

    Racial slurs unlawful? Really?

    Can’t see the video to see if any of it constituted harassment, but yelling “Hello Kitty” and “Math” is not unlawful by any means. If so, I want those jesus sandwich board idiots charged with whatever law you’re talking about.

    And you think a Racism EDU would stop this idiot from saying these things? I mean it obviously works so well with the alcohol on campus…::cough::

    As you said “don’t let one fool put you down”

    Sometimes the over-reaction and moral grandstanding that happens after things like this is more annoying than the original event. I’m not condoning what allegedly happened, but step down from your soapbox, you think most of us agree with the kid in the video? come on…

  9. Tom says:

    Is Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty and Math Math Math really a racial slur?

    The rest are,sure, and this guy deserves a headkicking/needs a braincheck but if someone called me that, and told me it was a racial slur i’d be stuck to work out who it was a slur against.

  10. sadfsd says:

    There is no background context from this story at all and it seems like the kids were invading the privacy of the the kids accused of using racial slurs. The people were video taping them from what looks like a window up on a higher floor while the kids were outside of their room. This is probably what resulted in the name calling. In no way was the person right for using racial slurs but look at both sides of the story, I would be pretty pissed off and start ranting at someone if they continued to video tape me in a drunken state for no apparent reason.

  11. I am slightly put off by how quiet the University is being. I know that the SU Twitter is largely run by students who, now that it is summer, are probably just as confused as we are — but that does not excuse how incredibly vague the school is being in light of how much they encourage transparency on social networks.

    Still, — and this is not to excuse any of the behaviors displayed in the video, because they can only be described as horrific — a “Racism EDU” is not going to curb this kind of behavior. This kind of hate is deep-rooted and begins long before college.

  12. Massimo says:

    sadfsd you are making alot of assumptions yourself. I endure anti-asian racial slurs daily without provocation from both adults & children. Merely existing seems cause enough. As an SU grad who works in a local school I witness asian american children being called every imaginable stereotypical name possible and being pushed, shoved & tripped and the only reason is that they look different. Many times I wish I had a camera to document such encounters. Don’t be so quick to defend what you have not experienced. It happens more often than you can imagine.

  13. This is disappointing to see as an incoming Asian American grad student at Syracuse. The best way to prevent incidents like this is education, but I doubt that “Racism EDU” or any kind of diversity training requirement will help. Alcohol EDU is a mockable burden on its own for new students.

    Thanks to Jerk for posting though! I think they scooped all the other campus media on the story.

  14. xHalekpl says:

    I am an alum of Syracuse University and am deeply concerned by this incident. Racially motivated harassments occur around campus more often than anyone is willing to admit. Incidences like this is often treated like nothing.

    I am deeply disappointed by the vague and superficial official statement from Syracuse University.


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  16. Pierre says:

    Hi Karen,

    This is Ben’s friend. Can you contact me on my email? I want to just clarify something.

  17. Adam Britten says:


    As a member of SU’s social media team; let me interject. The team’s leadership recently changed, and so the voice on the account has changed.

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  20. Lisa Turner says:

    outrageous.. she should be expelled for such homophobic, racist remarks. why isn’t she talking now. If she is allowed to continue to play, there should be a boycott.. the game should be interrupted, until her porky ass is led off the field.

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