Texting at the Movies: Crime or Pain in the Ass?

Posted: June 19, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Sit down in any movie theater and it is guaranteed before your movie starts, there will be a message asking to refrain from texting during the film. At some movie theaters the message attempts to be funny while others take on a more serious tone. Either way, the message is usually ignored. Well, one movie theater in Texas is trying a new approach.

The Alamo Drafthouse recently received an angry voicemail from a woman who disagreed with the no texting rule. Instead of continuing to show the corny anti-texting messages, the 21 and up theater decided to take her voicemail and create a new PSA. Now, instead of seeing the “Notebook” with a voiceover from a man on his cellphone, moviegoers get to watch a blank screen for two minutes with a woman’s voice (probably drunk) ranting about cell phones.

There are two problems with this situation. First off, in the land of Tivo and DVRs, movie theaters should recognize that moviegoers do not attend to watch commercials. Why waste two minutes of my time telling people something they are going to blatantly disobey?

Second and more importantly, I cannot remember the last time I was disturbed by a complete stranger texting someone else. Now, if I am with someone and instead of talking to me, he or she is texting the whole time, this can be annoying. But you do not even talk in the movie theater. The movies is usually the place you go with someone awkward that you are afraid to socialize with for longer than 15 minutes.

For two hours you sit in complete darkness. Afterwards, you are assured a conversation because discussion about the movie is expected. It would not bother me if someone was on their cell phone. If anything, the light from their cell phone would help me not suffer from my fear of the dark. But I guess you text at your own risk, especially in Texas.

-Nicole Fisher


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