Meet the Bloggers: Dee Lockett

Posted: June 16, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Ayo! My name is Dee Lockett and I am happy to be joining the Jerk staff this year as Blog Editor. I have been Jerking for quite some time now, having been both a SCOOP and WATCH blogger for the past two semesters. I am incredibly excited for what the Jerk blog has in store for our readers both over the summer and next semester! Now, here are some fun facts about me.

Name: Dee Lockett

Hometown: Hackensack, NJ

Year: Senior

Major: Communications & Rhetorical Studies/English & Textual Studies

In addition to being Blog Editor, I will also continue blogging on occasion for all of our various beats! You can follow me on Twitter @sheisarebel (Disclaimer: I talk about baseball just a lil’ bit). Also, follow me on Tumblr: (Feel free to creep too if you’re not on Tumblr). It’s gonna be a great year, so stay tuned!

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