A Man Who Fights Video Games…With His Rock!

Posted: April 26, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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In 2010, a guitarist by the name of Daniel Tidwell embarked on a quest.  A quest that few have attempted and even fewer have succeeded at.  This quest was to make an absolutely awesome video game rock album.  That’s right.  You read correctly – video game rock.  With his guitar, Tidwell shredded his way through themes from games such as Street Fighter, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and more on Versus Video Games.  Since then, he has been gaining more website, Twitter, and YouTube followers, including myself.

Now, in 2011, Daniel Tidwell has announced his next album, Versus Video Games 2.  With an absolutely EPIC artwork  and a few preview tracks on YouTube, I am completely stoked to see what this album brings.

Aside from his guitar playing, I have a lot of respect for Tidwell’s marketing skills.  He’s not just creating the album and putting it on Bandcamp or iTunes like any other independent artist.  He’s going all out by selling “Platinum Packages”.  The Platinum Package includes the new CD, his EP of classical covers (Echoes of the Elders), a T-shirt, and an autographed card.

As of now the exact release date for Versus Video Games 2 is TBA, but the Platinum Package can be bought up until the day before the album release.  I may snag one just in case the release comes up really soon.  Besides, how badass would it be to have a T-shirt with this awesome looking dude, in a suit of armor, with a sword in one hand, and a guitar in the other?  Oh, and did I mention there’s a dragon in the background?  I just hope he doesn’t lose round 2 of his fight versus video games.

-Mike Thal

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