Where My Eggs At?

Posted: April 23, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Plaid eggs, bunny cookies and edible paper; it must be Easter! Personally, no one knows how to do Easter better than the Queen of Craft herself, Martha Stewart. Step into Martha’s Enchanted Garden Party and hop into the Easter spirit!

With finals looming, group projects due and stress mounting, we’ve forgotten that spring’s biggest event is right around the corner. Look beyond the pearls, haggard appearance and accusations of embezzlement, and a Stewart-inspired Easter may be just what you need to refresh yourself before cramming for finals.Throw your own Easter bash! Hide some plastic eggs around the floor of your dorm and have an Easter egg hunt with those who didn’t go home. Don’t just settle for filling your eggs with sugary delights. Put a condom, nip or coupons for sexual favors in your plastic eggs and make Easter a little bit more interesting for you and your friends.

Don’t feel the need to hop or roll away, Easter offers you all sort of surprises with each egg you open. Grab your basket, ears and your favorite pastel top and get ready, it’s Easter!

-Jon Gregalis

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