Weed Will Kill You…Right?

Posted: April 22, 2011 by jerkmag in VICES -- sex, drugs & alcohol
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I hope everyone enjoyed the recent 4/20 holiday. It inspired me to do some research on marijuana (otherwise known as weed, pot, tree, hash, green, bud, ganja, sticky, cannabis, mary jane, grass, dope, herb, kush etc.) and the myths of smoking. What we hear and see in the media is influential and we are receiving a lot of diverse opinions regarding this popular drug. Cannabis is a plant containing over 400 chemical compounds, with the major one being THC. It is the most widely used illicit drug, and as we know, it provides a mood altering high.

One heavily advertised anti-drug and alcohol campaign “Above The Influence” has facts and data on their website about substances. For marijuana, the site says that the drug is addictive, causes memory loss and problems with learning, and increased heart rate. It also says young marijuana users increase their chances of being depressed later in life and “heavy Marijuana users are more likely than non-users to be diagnosed with schizophrenia later in life”. This is a bit frustrating, since smoking marijuana is a natural substance, with no chemicals added or altered. It has never been proven that smoking weed will cause death, so have no fear friends.

The key facts that are not emphasized on anti-marijuana sites are that many associated flaws only ring true for heavy users, meaning more than once a week. The depression issues really only are valid if young people smoked marijuana more than 50 times before the age of 18. Memory and learning alterations are short-term effects of marijuana.

Many celebrities admit to smoking weed, and they seem to be pretty well off. Some notable “pot heads” are: Cameron Diaz, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Barbra Streisand, Michael Phelps, and James Franco (well, duh). Phelps has some decent lung capacity, judging by his 16 Olympics medals for swimming.

-Tori Ipacs

  1. Take 3. This is my 3rd message. The last 2 became essays I had to cut and paste for further development. I’ll make it short and sweet. I have been a regular pot smoker for at least 40 years. The only time it ever affected my health was when I was ill with something else. Pot doesn’t mix with some ailments. Lot’s of things don’t mix with some ailments. Pot helps some and other stuff helps others. That’s the way it is, end of story. The memory loss thing I think is instant. You forget you are smoking a joint, say. Nothing long term, like more than 5 minutes after you set the bong down.

    There is so much out there. Added up I bet I spent 5 years studying pot via the papers and then the net. One can get lost reading (and writing) online (so much for short and sweet) just on the subject of cannabis. The movie The Union is a MUST see. (youtube) It’s been said so many times before, the only illegal thing about cannabis, is the law.

  2. ember says:

    haha wow really
    how dumb can u get. weed will not kill u..

  3. ember says:

    haha wow really

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