Nintendo’s new console sounds tasty

Posted: April 19, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Don’t let the title fool you.  Nintendo’s new console is only codenamed “Project Café”.  There haven’t been any reports of a drinkable system…yet.  Nonetheless, the name and many other details about “Project Café” sound very enticing.  According to IGN, there are three main details that have me excited about this so far.  And just for fun, I’ll give these details names related to a Café!

Cup o’ Joe – Sources claim that Nintendo will be going back to the standard controller format with two analog sticks, d-pad, triggers, etc.  In other words, Nintendo seems to be straying away from the Wii Remote style of gameplay.  Having said that, Nintendo is still going to add a little extra creamer to your coffee (also known as milking the product) by adding a 6-inch touch capable screen on the controller.

Coffee To-Go – Apparently, users of this new console will be able to stream game content to the 6-inch screen on the controller.  As of now, I’m not sure if that means full games or just mini-games and applications.  Whether we get a full cup of coffee or just 2 espresso shots, I still think that’s pretty cool.

More Than One Flavor – Last but not least, Nintendo has already been showing its recipe to game developers (according to another IGN article).  If this is true, that means we’re likely to see more third-party coffee brews in “Project Café”.  It’s common knowledge amongst gamers (excuse me, coffee drinkers) that the Wii’s best brews came from Nintendo, not other game developers.  If we see more outside sources interacting with “Project Café” maybe we can expect great, new, quality cups of coffee from other companies as well as Nintendo.

-Mike Thal

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