What’s your favorite scary video game?

Posted: April 14, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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I don’t know what’s scarier: the new Scream 4 game for the iPhone, or just the thought of it.  As most gamers know, video games based on movies are usually complete crap (note Catwoman and E.T.).  However, the new Scream 4 game isn’t what scares me shitless.  It’s the fact that the Weinstein Company is planning to put out a whole slew of new movie video games.I understand that the Weinstein Company has some gigantic properties in the film industry, but that doesn’t mean their films can immediately transfer over into video games.  Programming and animating a video game can be very different from directing and producing a movie.  The film industry needs to learn that.

The abominations of the movie video game genre worry me even more than horror films like Scream.  I believe that unless the Weinstein Company puts a full on effort into making solid movie games, they will lose money and piss off a lot fans.  That being said, this situation could be a shining new light for movie video games.  Maybe the Weinstein Company will really go all out with an Inglourious Basterds game to show us that movie video games can be awesome.

I see potential in this plan from the Weinstein Company.  However, based on past experiences with movie video games, it’s hard for me to believe that this announcement will really change anything.

-Mike Thal

  1. Bad Mojo – Redux is one freaky-weird adventure. The first time i saw a video clip of the game is when it was at GameSpot in 2005.
    I had to buy it.
    It gave me a chilling excitement that I had just had to go into and experience.
    A twisted horror adventure, the kind i like. The scenes and paths you have to take, do get somewhat disturbing.
    Disturbed horror games can be addicting.

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