This show’s “Got Life”

Posted: April 14, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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There’s something happening at the St. James Theater and this time it has nothing to do with American Idiot. (Though while we’re on the subject, let’s congratulate SU’s own Sean Michael Murray for recently making his Broadway Debut in this show that you all know I love, which unfortunately is closing at the end of this month.) But anyway, moving forward and moving on… Summer of love 2.0? Yes please!! The New York Times announced today that our favorite group of hippies (or, as a character in the show refers to them, a haggle of hippi) will be returning to Broadway this summer! (and this time with a cast that doesn’t suck). Kacie Sheik is a goddess and Paris Remillard is just beautiful… too bad Claude is the only character that doesn’t get naked in the closing scene of the first number.)

The revival of HAIR: the peace, love, happiness, and drugs musical ended its Broadway run in August 2009 after some (very) unfortunately casting changes led sales way downhill. But this summer, starting July 5, this National Tour of the show will be making one long stop in the St. James Theater until September 10, when it will hit the road again.

I can’t wait to let the sunshine in again… and now I don’t have to rush during my last week of classes to go see the tour in Schenectady, because I can enjoy it all summer long!

-Amelia Bienstock

  1. really a good post. all people in theater are looking in a youthful joy

  2. Maxine Berger says:

    Great post!

  3. mealz1042 says:

    ^ thanks, mom.

  4. Ed Phillips says:

    I only wish Kacie and Allison were doing the show together again (as I missed Alli-cat the first time!) but I’m sure they’ll get a great crowd again! Summer of Love in 2011! 😀

  5. Cazzie (from the Bronx) says:

    What a great review…makes me want to see it again after all these years!

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