House to Part Ways with Fox?

Posted: April 12, 2011 by jerkmag in WATCH -- TV
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While you may be accustomed to tuning into FOX for the network’s hit series House, you may very soon have to flip the channel in order to keep watching. Reports have surfaced that negotiations between FOX and the show’s parent company, NBC Universal, to renew the show’s contract for an eighth season have not gone as planned.

The two sides now have until April 15 to come to an agreement, but if a consensus cannot be reached, then House may find its home on a new network. Naturally, NBC is in the lead to pick up the show if it were to be shopped around to competing networks.

While the show’s future is said to be safe and an eighth season guaranteed, it should be noted that the contracts of several key actors as well as the show’s executive producer David Shore have yet to be renewed.

A favorite amongst critics, House has seen a ratings slip due to several recent shifts in timeslots, always a kiss of death for any series. For now, I would hold off panicking until the deadline approaches. However, if FOX and NBC Universal fail to make a deal, then House fans might want to start crossing their fingers just a bit tighter.

-Dee Lockett

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