10 ways to shake up your sex life

Posted: April 8, 2011 by jerkmag in VICES -- sex, drugs & alcohol
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We were trapped indoors all winter, and kept warm by snuggling up with someone special. Now spring is just around the corner. Maybe things with your partner are slowing down, maybe your casual hook-up is losing interest or your long-term relationship has gotten boring. Stop your worrying; I have ten quick solutions for you to get back on the saddle, and for your partner to get back on you.

1. Send a risqué text while you both are in class, at work, or busy elsewhere. That will leave them fantasizing about you and hype up their excitement to see you and put words into action.

2. Be completely open minded and each of you share a role-play fantasy you can put to life. Get completely in character with outfits and props.

3.  Take a trip to the adult store together. No being shy! You will both have fun browsing around, and hopefully it sparks conversation and ideas. Afterwards you can make a couple purchases together (anyone need some strawberry flavored lube or a new blindfold?)

4.  Watch porn together. Agree on something you both like or are curious about. It is going to be silly and make you laugh at first, but trust me, you will get some ideas. Even if you both don’t get turned on enough to start ripping each other’s clothes off, you at least bonded over something fun.

5. Do NOT hold back- let’s call them naughty things. Anything you usually fight back saying during sex, just let it out. Try something new the next time you are getting it on by calling him/her dirty things or shouting out some curse words. They will be too shocked and turned on to stop you, and hopefully it will invite them to get creative as well, you dirty whore.

6. Set some time aside to treat them to a romantic massage. Massages require little clothing and you can even incorporate lotions. This is the perfect gateway to some steamy alone time.

7. Spontaneously get it on in a public location. Head into an abandoned coatroom and push them against the wall or something! Bring some fun to your sex life by adding this simple risk factor. What is the worst that can happen? (You get caught…)

8. Suggest that you watch each other masturbate. It is completely healthy, and if you’re open to the idea, you both will learn a lot. It is a chance to see what turns them on, while showing them how you get off. All around- a great time!

9. Surprise him or her by dressing for the occasion. Slip into some lingerie; a lacy or satin get-up that will leave your partner breathless.

10. Keep learning new things to progress your sex life together further. Make it a point to learn new positions to try with each other to keep things fresh.  The Downward Dog and Seated Wheelbarrow, here we come! Use the 365 positions a daybooks or the internet, of course.

-Tori Ipacs

  1. Mike Thal says:

    Like the article Tori! Not sure if #8 would fly for me, but there are definitely some great ideas here 🙂

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