A Web at the Edge of Time

Posted: April 6, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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For those of you who think superheroes are invincible, think again.  In the upcoming game Spider-Man: Edge of Time, it is reported that Peter Parker will die.  For those of you who don’t know Peter Parker (or are too dumb to read between the lines), his death means the death of his alter ego, Spider-Man.  So now this raises the question, how can you play a game with a dead main character?

Alas, Marvel Comics and Edge of Time’s developer have answered this question.  While playing as Spider-Man 2099 (not Peter Parker) you will have to go back in time and save Amazing Spider-Man’s life (Peter Parker).

Confused?  Let’s compare Spider-Man Edge of Time to the movie Back to the Future.  For starters let’s say that Amazing Spider-Man is Doc and Spider-Man 2099 is Marty.  In Back to the Future, Marty witnesses Doc’s death.  Then, Marty goes back in time before Doc’s death and saves his life.  This is essentially what is going on in Spider-Man Edge of Time.

According to IGN.com, an “evil scientist” from 2099 goes back in time and kills Amazing Spider-Man.  Even though Spider-Man 2099 sees this happen, the timeline skews to a different path.  Now, Spider-Man 2099 must go back in time (before Amazing Spider-Man’s death) and save Amazing Spider-Man’s life.  Reports also say that players will get to control both Spider-Men, but the game itself will be strictly single-player.

From how it’s described, the gameplay seems really tricky because you will be playing as both characters picture-in-picture style.  I’m really not sure how Edge of Time will turn out at this point, but as a loyal Spidey fan I’m hoping for the best.

-Mike Thal


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