A little dose of botox? No thanks.

Posted: April 3, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Since when did Botox become the new Advil? It’s one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures today and is even more popular than breast enhancement. Especially in cities like LA and NYC, Botox is the equivalent to getting a pedicure for the American elite. In the search for a youthful and wrinkle free face, middle-aged women are spending big bucks for treatment. While a surgeon may pay up to $450 for a vial of Botox, you will likely be charged up to $200-300 for each injected area. Keep in mind — you have to dish out the dough every 6 months to maintain results. Geez, talk about the price of beauty.

Sadly, women are starting to get these injections at a younger age, although it seems completely unnecessary. Here’s what I don’t get: if aging is a natural and normal part of life, why try to go against Mother Nature? There are simple ways to reduce wrinkles/aging that don’t include injecting yourself with chemicals. Here are three of my tips:

1.  Always apply sunblock.

2.  Don’t go to tanning salons.

3.  Use anti-wrinkle creams.

My mother has beautiful skin and looks way younger than she actually is. And I’ll tell you a secret: she’s never had needles stuck in her face. Take care of your skin and the thought of ever getting Botox will fade away, you know, like the money Botox users spend.

— Jeanine Guzman

  1. Samuel James says:

    Great post, and we are noticing this trend of younger women getting this procedure. Not all women are like your mom, but I do agree with your preventative measures.

  2. […] kids, but I definitely think it’s more important for them to grow up without thinking that a quick fix to their appearance is the way to go about changing the way they […]

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