‘Doll’ Nicole Scherzinger to host U.S. X-Factor?

Posted: March 31, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Pussycat Dolls’ leading lady, Nicole Scherzinger, is slated to host the U.S. version of X-Factor (if producer Simon Cowell gets his way).  X-Factor nicks the ridiculous auditions of American Idol and plants more focus on making a pop star.  Cowell, who recently announced a departure from tired American Idol after 9 seasons, is on the prowl for Nicole.  He recently told MTV, “We’ve got to get the deal done and find someone she has chemistry with. But I absolutely adore her. She was fantastic on the UK X Factor and I’m hopeful it will happen. She’s gorgeous and ruthlessly ambitious and doesn’t arrive with a massive entourage. Everyone adores her.”  Oh, doesn’t she sound like the cat’s meow!?  I digress.

Cowell is also searching for a co-host for Scherzinger and has yet to reveal his choices for the remaining X-Factor judges.  Taking the judges seat alongside Cowell and record executive/producer, L.A. Reid, is rumored to be U.K. singer and sweetheart, Cheryl Cole.  Cowell is expected to make announcements about the final judges and hosts within a week’s time.  Scherzinger’s debut album, Killer Love, which was only released in Europe, dropped in the U.K. on March 21st to lukewarm reception.   Girl just can’t seem to sink her claws in to the American music scene.  Watch the video for her latest single, “Don’t Hold Your Breath,” here.

-Jake Hebert

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