Trends We Hate: “Friday”

Posted: March 30, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Not the day, silly, but the incredibly terrible, awfully annoying, yet oddly catchy song and viral sensation by overnight tween superstar Rebecca Black.

Though the song, and super duper music video, has been on YouTube since early February, it has only recently become trendy-hence why I am covering it now.

The song, written and produced by Ark Music Factory (a company that, for a steep price, will write your teenage girl a “hit” song and create a “sensational” music video to accompany it…and then throw in a random, unknown rapper for a verse or two) spread like herpes at a Playboy party over the past few weeks. Now, with over 50,000,000 hits on YouTube (30 of which were my contribution) Rebecca Black is receiving a lot of attention. In addition to her video’s success, the song itself is now available on Itunes, has been downloaded thousands of times and has been floating among the top 20 songs on the site. Rebecca Black even held a trending topic spot for over a week on Twitter—the devastating news in Japan didn’t even trend as long as the blossoming pop-star.

Though much (well, mostly all) of her success is due to the pathetic, unrealistic and poorly written lyrics of the song leading to viewers cackling over the cacophony of lyrics and shrieking, Rebecca Black has become the talk of the town. She’s been on Jay Leno, Good Morning America, On Air With Ryan Seacrest and in the heads of millions of people who just cannot seem to kick the “Friday” habit. It’s just so damn catchy—that’s why we hate it. We hate that we somehow find ourselves singing, humming, whistling, parodying, and dubbing such an atrocious song when we least expect it, and just when we get it out of our heads, someone else comes along to remind us that “yesterday was Thursday” and it’s back all over again.

Perhaps it’s the educational message—know your days of the week!—behind the song, or the appealing fact that in some distant land 13 year olds can drive cars and skip school without punishment. Or maybe it’s the pedophilic rapper that jumps on the song for a verse halfway in to tell us—well, nothing. Either way you slice it, incredible or terrible, the song’s a hit!

Regardless of how successful Rebecca Black may be with her breakout song, “Friday,” it’s only a matter of time before a video of a kitten flying on a kite and tumbling into an ocean of cotton balls and sunshine comes along to steal its thunder.

-Allie Ditkowich

  1. Grandma says:

    It was a well written article and I can see how it would appeal to teens.
    The tune was catchy.


  2. ANON says:

    JUST TO TELL YOU ALL, coming from a teen herself, and having hundreds of other teen friends (not even exaggerating) We don’t like this song. At all. In fact most of us hate it. We act like we like it, to look dumb. We’re all like OH YEAH THIS IS MY JAMMM. but its not. We kid, we kid. The tunes catchy, but we don’t enjoy that. So don’t make yourself look stupid by posting this, because it’s making you, and Grandma up there, look clueless. Get a life and focus on what you like, not what others don’t.

  3. […] these residents of the Clark Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, Michigan do a better video than Rebecca Black, that’s for sure. Whoever said that being old meant no fun? If I’m still doing this at the age […]

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