Dame Elizabeth Taylor Dies at Age 79

Posted: March 29, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor passed away Wednesday, March 23rd at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  Taylor was undergoing observation at Cedars-Sinai since the 11th of February from symptoms caused by congestive heart failure.  According to Taylor’s publicist, she died peacefully while surrounded by her children.  Elizabeth’s son, Michael Howard, released the following statement about his mother,

“My Mother was an extraordinary woman who lived life to the fullest, with great passion, humor, and love… Though her loss is devastating to those of us who held her so close and so dear, we will always be inspired by her enduring contribution to our world. Her remarkable body of work in film, her ongoing success as a businesswoman, and her brave and relentless advocacy in the fight against HIV/AIDS, all make us all incredibly proud of what she accomplished. We know, quite simply, that the world is a better place for Mom having lived in it. Her legacy will never fade, her spirit will always be with us, and her love will live forever in our hearts.”

Her death marks the end of an era of glamour, glitz, and fairytale Hollywood.  Elizabeth acted since the age of 12, married eight times to seven men, won two Academy Awards, and graced audiences with her violet eyes and stunning beauty for decades. Taylor was the first actress to receive a million dollars for a film role.  Famous for her marriages, sass, jewelry, looks, and battles with illness and addiction, Taylor set the standard for the tabloid celebrities as they exist today. In her lifetime, she worked with unprecedented vigor towards finding a cure for HIV/AIDS.  Her family asks that donations be made to the Elizabeth Taylor HIV/Aids Foundation in lieu of flowers.

Elizabeth’s beauty, wit, and don’t-give-a-fuck-ery live on forever as examples for us to follow.  Even in old age, Dame Elizabeth tried new things.  Her Twitter feed, filled with tweets of wisdom and love, lives on in cyberspace as a reminder of how people should treat one another.

“Give. Remember always to give. That is the thing that will make you grow.” – Dame Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)

–Jake Hebert

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