Robots, paisley print, trees, OH MY!

Posted: March 28, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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As you peer around your room, you find that the walls are looking slightly bare. The collection of high school photos you brought with you to S.U. have begun curling at the corners and some have fallen off altogether. Turns out, the dry air in the dorms have crumbled the tape you used to hang up your posters at the beginning of the year, leaving your posters to peel at the corners. Your room is just one, hot holy mess. With spring around the corner, it’s time for spring cleaning and spring redecorating!

Time to part ways with those sun-stained photos and “Go Orange” vinyl banners. Make way for the newest trend in design: wall decals. When you think of a wall decal, you may think of the days of “Fat Head” athlete decals. However today’s decals are modern, artistic, and eye-catching. Decal designs range from a fingerprint to a tiara and everything in between.

Decals have been featured by well-known designers Candice Olsen and David Bromstad, both of the HGTV network. Both designers utilize the wall decal as a complement to the other artwork they have on the walls. Think of decals as sprinkles: they accompany the other toppings you have on your sundae; or in the case of design, art on your wall.

Here are two sites that are definitely worth a visit: and Dali’s designs are on the pricier side, but have very clean, whimsical designs. Blik on the other hand, has designs that are more eclectic, artsy, and graphic. If you find the featured products on these sites do not suit your fancy, try your hand at design. Both Blik and Dali allow customers to upload their own designs, which they will produce as a decal.

Whether you’re seeking to be closer to the New York City skyline or looking for a complete diversion, wall decals may the perfect solution. From clothing lines, cartoon dogs, psycho bunnies, and word searches, look no further than wall decals when planning your room redesign!

-Jon Gregalis

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