Ring Finger/Thumb Shimmer

Posted: March 28, 2011 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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Lately I’ve been noticing that many celebs and gals around campus are painting their ring finger or thumb nail a different color from the rest. I read an article in Cosmo about this interesting nail trend, so I embarked on a mission to find the meaning behind this (That’s…if there is one). Apparently, these added nail embellishments are gaining popularity pretty quickly in cities like New York, Miami, and London. The purpose of painting your thumb a different color from the rest is referred to as “Blackberry Bling” because avid texters want to show off their super cool thumbs. Kinda ridiculous, I know. “Blackberry Bling” truly speaks about our culture right now. Whether you’re a generation x or millennial, your thumbs are probably always on the go.

Of course, I had to test the waters myself, so my nails are currently polished in Essie’s Luxedo (deep plum) and my one ring finger in Essie’s Shift Power (gold). I can’t say that having my ring finger painted a different color really perks up my manicure. Hmm…..maybe if I bedazzled it?

—Jeanine Guzman

  1. Alicia says:

    I’m confused. What would be the point of painting the ring fingernail a different color if the thumb was what was trying to be displayed?

  2. Jeanine says:

    While I did find a specific reason as to why people like to paint their thumbs a different color, I did not a find a reason as to why people like to paint their ring finger a different color. My guess is that they want an eye popper to show off their ring better? I’m not sure, this is a weird trend that may not have a specific reason other than people think it looks cool. Many celebrities have been doing either the ring or thumb and that is why a pic of Vanessa Hudgens is being displayed even though the blog primarily talks about why people like to paint their thumb a different color.

  3. Is having a specific reason necessary?? It’s just fun. I have recently tried this trend too and I like that it’s just a little something different from the usual 10 matching finger nails. I think the ring finger is in because singling out the middle and index would look a little goofy and the pinky is small and the thumb isn’t facing the right way. THERE. I have found a reason for it being the ring finger, haha.
    See my experimentation here: Girl in the Poodle Shoes

    I would love to here your thoughts!!!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I have no idea why people paint their ring finger a different color. I can understand the thumb being painted different to stand out while texting (although it is silly). I have done the ring finger a different color a few times just because it is something different than the same old thing of all nails the same. Sometimes I have had a hard time choosing between two colors so I just used one of them on my ring finger. I just done pink nails and added flower nail stickers to my ring finger. It’s just something different and I like doing a bit different nail design once in a while.

  5. notgiven says:

    Now painting the ring finger a different color is “just a trend” but originally it was to symbolize homosexuality…

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