For Your Case of the Mondays: Australia’s Finest

Posted: March 28, 2011 by jerkmag in WATCH -- TV
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Puck yes.

For everyone out there who caught the one season genius of “Summer Heights High” and wished for more, here it is.

Australian comedian Chris Lilley is at it again with a new comedy show called “Angry Boys.” It looks about as tasteless and hilarious as “Summer Heights High” with Lilley once again playing all the main roles. Could this possibly be even more offensive then “Summer Heights High”? Well, “Summer Heights High” had Lilley playing a Polynesian teenager, a very flamboyant man, and a girl. “Angry Boys” has him playing a mentally challenged kid and a mentally challenged woman. You decide.

Video posted below

-Ian Phillips

  1. carlywolkoff says:

    YES!!!!!! Thank you for posting this. I still mourn the lost of Summer Heights High.

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