Guidette Glitz

Posted: March 23, 2011 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style, VAULT -- archives
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Fist pump? Check. Super dark spray tan? Got it! Now all you need to be Jersey Shore ready is a hot new accessory from Sammi Sweetheart’s new line of costume jewelry. The line is in collaboration with the brand Rich Rocks, which features fashion forward jewelry that appeals to women of all ages. Sammi’s line consists of a heart pendant necklace, crystal rings/bracelets, oversized hoops (her trademark, duh), and pave heart earrings. Here’s a quick tip: Layer on Rich Rocks with fine jewelry you already own to complement a hot clubbin’ outfit.

The prices aren’t too bad– ranging from $15 for the crystal bracelets that are meant for layering to the pendant heart necklace that costs $45. Sammi admits that she wanted to keep the line affordable for her fans so that they could keep adding to their collection if they desired. This sweetheart isn’t the only Jersey Shore cast member using their newfound fame to create cool merch. Snooki’s slippers include standard happy feet, animal feet, and signature slippers. Designs range from leopard print to pink and white to alligator. With Sammi’s oversized hoops and Snooki’s comfy slippers, you’ll officially be ready for a day at the Jersey Shore.

-Jeanine Guzman

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