Before you throw that away…

Posted: March 22, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Sure, you did the right thing by recycling that Solo cup and bottle of Mountain Dew, but take a look in your recycling bin. You may be surprised to find that you have created a sea of colorful plastic and paper products. Those recycled goods, which would typically head to a plant to be melted down and reclaimed, have the ability to become something else. Art! Before emptying your overflowing recycling bin, put aside a few of the special or unique bottles, tops, or any items that you think have artistic potential. Disregard any sanitary thoughts you may have and take green living to a new, more artistic level!

Check out these green ideas after the jump:

Top it Off!

For all of you avid beer bottle drinkers, don’t be so quick to flick that bottle cap goodbye! Save these tops along with those of traditional soda bottles. Utilize the tops to cover the front of a cheap frame by adhering them with hot glue or craft glue. The frame will make a great gift for a friend, especially if they were the one who helped contribute to the collection of the bottle tops!

Wallpaper Wonders

If you find that your bulletin boards are looking a little frumpy, look no further than your recycling bin! While it may require scouring your neighbors’ recycling bin as well, it’ll be worth it. For this project, garner as many newspapers and magazines as you can find. If working with a specific color scheme, search the recycled publications for pictures or text that will accommodate your room’s design. When you have found a sufficient amount of clippings, collage and paste them to a poster board that can easily be added or removed from the bulletin board. This idea is also nifty if looking to back the wall of shelving unit.

Curtain of Color

Those living in split-doubles sometimes decide to separate their section of the room with a simple partition curtain. It works. Then again, you could also use all of that colorful plastic that’s sitting in your recycling bin to reach the same means. It’s not a look that is for everybody, but if a room’s decor is more eclectic and colorful, this could be a winner. This project may also require that you search neighbors’ recycling bins to look for fun, colorful, and various sized containers. Pink Pepto bottles, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” bins, colorful lids and bottles will all do the trick. Using scissors, fishing line or twine, and your recycled goods, cut the recycled goods into fun and funky shapes.  Tie or loop the string into the tops and bottoms of these items, keeping patterns and color variation in mind. If you look at the picture, this person didn’t have a specific pattern or color scheme in mind. It’s fun, useful, and green!

Green doesn’t have to be about recycling bins, Birkenstocks, and reusing paper plates. Consider that collection of bottles and papers as art materials when considering your next room renovation or craft project!

-Jon Gregalis


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