MTV stars turned motivational speakers?

Posted: March 15, 2011 by jerkmag in WATCH -- TV
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Forgive me for being a child of the 90s, but I really don’t remember a time when MTV actually played music. I didn’t start watching the station until the age of TRL and shitty reality shows. Even now, I agree that both of those have gone downhill in the last decade. I’m still in disbelief that anyone would want to watch You’re Cut Off, a show about a gaggle of squawking rich brats, famous in their own minds for absolutely no reason. MTV, however, has had a few successes for which I willingly offer praise. The Buried Life is one of these rare instances. During the two seasons of the show, four endearing, genuine guys traveled across the country in a purple bus named Penelope and attempted to accomplish items from their 100-item bucket list. Every time they cross something off that list, they help a random stranger reach one of their lifelong dreams.

Sometimes hysterical and always meaningful, The Buried Life offered a message of compassion and reciprocity absent from many other reality shows. I would marry any one of the guys. Lucky for me and all other hopelessly delusional collegiate females, the boys from The Buried Life have decided to bring their talents to various universities across the country on a speaking tour. Their Facebook lists the specific dates, but unfortunately, my future husbands neglected to give Syracuse a spot. Other New York universities did, however, make the list. Anyone down for a roadtrip?

– Christina Sterbenz

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