Kiely Williams Promotes Safe Sex with Video Entitled “Spectacular”…not.

Posted: March 12, 2011 by jerkmag in VICES -- sex, drugs & alcohol
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You guys may remember Kiely Williams, as a shy, innocent Cheetah Girl. Boy has that changed! Kiely released a video to her song “Spectacular.” First, before I even comment on this video read some of the lyrics.

Kiely is quoted responding to the backlash of this video on saying, “I wrote Spectacular and made the video to bring attention to a serious women’s health and safety issue. Please don’t shoot the messenger.” Honestly, this video does EVERYTHING but draw attention to a “serious women’s health and safety issue.”

“Young women across the country get intoxicated and have unprotected sex. That’s a fact. I recorded the song to bring attention to this frighteningly prevalent activity. It is absurd to infer or suggest that I am condoning this behavior,” Williams added.

If I looked up to someone such as Williams and saw this video it would do anything but deter me from behaving this way. I think perhaps Williams could have taken another approach and made the sex seem a little less “Spectacular.”

Alicia Aiello

  1. Wowwww. You’re so right. That was actually disgusting. Not sure how gyrating half naked on a train track promotes safe sex. Especially when the “hope he wore a rubber” was only said once followed by “he could get it again if he wanted” ew. She’s an idiot. And can’t sing.

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