Dude, Where’s My Foot?

Posted: March 12, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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A 2008 car accident that left a Florida man without a foot has taken a strange turn. Karl Lambert is now suing a firefighter-paramedic who took his foot from the scene of the collision. The paramedic, Cynthia “Cindy” Economou claims she took the foot to train her body-recovery dog, and that it would have been impossible to reattach the body part. She was placed on probation for six months for “second-degree petit theft” and has since left the department.

As unfortunate as the outcome of the accident was for Lambert, the utter ridiculousness of the story far outweighs the gravity of the incident. Why a paramedic would take an “unrecognizable mass of flesh” from the scene of an accident, and why a man would sue for the remnants of his foot – is beyond me. Sure, Economou’s actions didn’t exactly scream ‘proper training’ (or even common sense). But what was Lambert planning to do with the foot? Would he have kept it as a living room centerpiece for all to see? Of course, it was his foot and he should have been properly notified of what was to come of it but it seems to me that filing a lawsuit is beating a dead horse more than anything else.

Let’s hope that Mr. Lambert finds whatever satisfaction he is searching for after his traumatic experience, and that Economou discovers better methods for training her dog.

Maisha Shahid

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