Dreams can come true

Posted: March 12, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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I know I have always been proud to say I was from Southern California. With the sunny beaches, lax attitude, and great Mexican food, there is no reason why I wouldn’t be. And a couple of SoCal guys just gave me another reason.

With 300 balloons and some creativity, a group of people launched a house like Pixar and Disney’s movie UP into the sky making Carl Fredricksen proud. The experiment will be featured on a new National Geographic show How Hard Can it Be, premiering this fall.

The house traveled over 10,000 feet and stayed in the sky for an hour. While it was a smaller version and not filled with cute pictures of the famous old couple and old man furniture, I still think this is impressive. Not only does the experiment defy science, it also lets us Disney fans know that dreams do come true. Here are five other Disney dreams from my childhood that I would not mind coming true.

1.  Cinderella: Let’s be honest, if I lost my Steve Madden pump at a frat or house party, I probably would never get it back from Prince Charming. And if I did, it would be sticky and grimy from beer. So if it actually, did happen, that guy would be a keeper.

2.  Pinnochio: It would suck if you were a compulsive liar but at the same time when your professor said the mid term was going to be easy, if he was lying, you would know.

3.  Lion King: If I had a meerkat and a warthog duo following me around telling jokes and reminding me not to worry, life would be so much easier.

4.  Peter Pan: C’mon, who hasn’t had a dream of flying and staying a kid forever?

5.  Aladdin: Last but definitely not least. A magical genie, a sexy foreign boy who never wears a shirt, a Cave of Wonders, and magic carpet that flies you around the world with your lover? Sold.

See the video here

–Nicole Fisher

  1. riyana says:

    im from CA too and i love this! and im totally with you on aladdin.

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