PAX East 2011: Get Ready

Posted: March 9, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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This is it folks, the moment has been fast approaching, and now it’s so close.  We are on the looming threshold of one of the year’s greatest events…PAX East.  For the gamers reading right now, PAX likely needs no introduction, but I must cater to those who I wish to bring into the fold. So bear with me.

PAX, or Penny Arcade Expo, is a festival meant to celebrate gaming in every way imaginable.  Role playing, console, board game, table top, cards, etc., there’s nothing and no one you can’t find to play with.  It isn’t simply a convention full of booth babes and cosplayers, but a three-day explosion of speakers, gaming, concerts, and all sorts of swag.

Don’t confuse it with Comic Con or E3 either, this is most definitely an event purely for the enjoyment of the gamer, not just the press.  The event has become one of the most intensely satisfying and successful gatherings of its kind. If not in the world, then at least in this country. Oh, and I forgot to mention that there’s two of them.  PAX Prime is in Seattle over the late summer and this weekend’s PAX East is in the harsh winter of Boston.  Last year’s was epic so there’s no reason for disappointment now.

Anyone who looks into PAX though knows that so much of it isn’t even about what is there, but who is there.  The people are what make PAX.  It is a genuinely chill setting, a place where attendees are friendly and always in the mood for a conversation. There’s even an all-volunteer crew called The Enforcers, dedicated to making sure everything runs smoothly.

With this primer, I bid you adieu, as I’m off to get my game on.  So if any of you are venturing forth to partake in the merriment, come find me.  I’ll be walking around trying to get my hands on all the best that PAX East has to offer. As always though, try to live up to Wheaton’s Law.

~Beckett Noyes

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