Get your game up, student section

Posted: March 4, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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We all know that we won’t be seeing any Orange when Final Four time rolls around. Scoop is playing like Brett Favre with a camera phone (they both dish out a lot of picks). Fab Melo’s ass must have splinters from all the pine he’s sat on. Wes Johnson has gone on to bigger and better things…the Timberwolves, Wes? Weak.
So, when DePaul comes to the Dome for the last game at home, I say screw it. Go ape shit. No parents, no rules.
We could learn a thing or two from Wild Bill, the ringleader of the Utah State Aggie students. He’s a man acting out of desperation; the Aggies aren’t about to show up on anyone’s bracket this March.
Plus, you tell me you’d be able to hit two free throws looking at Wild Bill, and I’ll call you a liar.

–Nick Toney


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