Charlie Sheen to Appear on 20/20

Posted: March 1, 2011 by jerkmagblog in WATCH -- TV
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This will be the interview of the year, maybe even the decade. ABC has won the rights to an exclusive one-hour interview with Charlie Sheen which has already been taped. It will be the first televised interview since Sheen’s meltdown on several radio stations and TMZ. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard his infamous rant.


Since the meltdown, production of his hit show Two and a Half Men has come to a screeching halt, something which should’ve been done a long time ago since its obvious needs to spend some serious time in a rehabilitation facility, although he’ll say otherwise.


I, like many, am dying to hear what Sheen has to say, what possible explanation he could up with for his recent behavior. I’m sure this interview will bless us with more classic quotes.

  1. Evan Dinger says:

    “I’m not bi-polar, I’m bi-winning” CLASSIC charlie

  2. […] media blockades Americans’ knowledge of a crisis at hand with their obsession with oil prices and Charlie Sheen’s particular brand of crazy. We focus on the extraneous news because many Americans can’t even […]

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