Survival of the fittest in the music business

Posted: February 28, 2011 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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75,000 albums were released in 2010. Compared to 2009 that is a 22% drop. So what is this telling us? Well for one, companies are releasing less music. And second artists are making less music too. This brings about some good points.

I believe artists are being filtered out. Yea I said it, filtered out. Consumers are beginning to decide what music they want and what they don’t. And do you know what happens to the artists that people don’t want music form? They don’t buy it! And when the music is not bought that artist is not around anymore! Strangely, it’s almost Darwinian isn’t it? Survival of the fittest holds true here.

Please don’t attribute this to piracy. In the article posted it said that artists are finding less incentives to make music, because of piracy. This is code word for one thing; they are making less money than before therefore they wont produce as much music. It is plain and simple folks! Greed can be contributed a lot to these arguments. And it is a good thing that we are weaning out those who actually want to make art and those who are in it for money.

With less selection and more quality these artists will thrive, because it is what the people have chosen. Artists who are chosen by the people make a lot of money people, a lot! Just look at the Rolling Stones or Foo Fighters. These guys made music without the corporate greed behind them and the people spoke through the purchases for their albums.

So don’t get bummed by the decline of album’s being created. This is a good thing! If the industry is ever to get healthy again we need few, simple choices. Plain and Simple.

– William Bamford

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