I’ve Found the Cheapest Beer Ever (seriously)

Posted: February 25, 2011 by jerkmag in VICES -- sex, drugs & alcohol
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Whether it’s youthful arrogance or simple disregard for general wellbeing, the fact remains that college students will do anything to expedite their journey to alcoholic oblivion.  And if they can save a couple pesos in the process, even better.  Why else do Natty Ice (affectionately dubbed “frat water”) and the late great 4LOKO sell like crack in the 80’s?  Well if you think $16 for a 30 rack is a bargain, think again. After scouring the planet I think I’ve found the world’s cheapest beer, in London of all places.
Just like your neighborhood grocery store, Sainsbury’s (a popular European supermarket chain) offers their own brand of discount consumer items. And since it’s European, this includes alcohol.  In this particular department, Sainsbury’s is a jack-of-all-trades.  They distill their own vodka, bottle their own Scotch whisky, and you guessed it- brew their own beer.
So how much is a four pack of Sainsbury’s finest?  97 pence!! That’s less than a quarter per beer!  Even if you factor in the current exchange rate (~1.6 pence to 1 dollar), you still win.  Big time.
Ever since my discovery, every pregame has been sponsored entirely by Sainsbury’s.  I know its only 2.1% alcohol but splash a little Sainsbury’s whiskey in your solo cup and you have a nice European super beer.  Go you!
The second best part about Sainsbury’s Basic is the cheerful orange and white design.  The Sainsbury’s advertisement team is tastefully conservative and well aware of its product’s caste on the beer hierarchy, rock bottom and proud of it.  They didn’t try to cloak it with a regal crest or fancy lettering.
Most of you Syracuse readers, enticed though you may be, are unable to enjoy this novelty.  Don’t worry, though.  Central New York’s own brewery (Genesee Brewing Co.) has Mountain Brew– an American lager that sells for just over $3 per sixer.  If you can spot this gem somewhere in the post-industrial wasteland, stock up.  You won’t find a better deal.

From England with love,

– Evan Dinger

  1. Kate says:

    Wait, your exchange rate is faulty, but your main point is clear. Exchange rate is £1 = US $ 1.6216 , so 97 pence is $1.57, making each can =39cents. By the way, how big are those cans??

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