Don’t Close Borders!

Posted: February 23, 2011 by jerkmagblog in VAULT -- archives
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This is not just a blog post. This is a call to arms. Approximately 30 percent of Borders stores will close nationwide, a result of the company’s recent bankruptcy. The one at Carousel Center will close sometime in March.  As a child, I learned to love books among Border’s shelves. I remember analyzing my dreams in the self-help section and giggling at the Kama Sutra with pre-teen friends.

I name college student’s unwarranted obsession with Starbucks as the culprit behind this travesty. Whoever suggested the partnership between Barnes & Noble and Starbucks was clearly an evil genius. People tend to ignore the perks that Borders offers for a g-d cup of a coffee. It’s shameful.

For example, Borders has a free membership that essentially lasts forever. Barnes & Noble charges 25 dollars and requires annual renewal. The Borders website gives customers the opportunity to check the in-store availability of an item. B & N doesn’t. Borders just has a better vibe. The layout is more conducive to browsing, and in my experiences, the people who work there are hardcore book-lovers very willing and able to suggest a great new title.

In actuality, I should be singing the accolades of “Mom & Pop bookstores.” I realize that’s a moot point though. It may be too late to save this particular Borders, but I challenge everyone to find the Borders, any Borders and take a look.

  1. Julia says:

    I agree. I loved Borders. I work in the Barnes and Noble cafe that serves Starbucks coffee, and while that might be a huge reason why Border’s is tanking — Barnes and Noble created an e-reader when Border’s did not. I’m still completely against e-readers — I’d much rather read an actual book — but realistically that’s what people want these days. It’s the sad truth. So I am sad to see Border’s go — but not keeping up with the latest needs for technology is where they failed.

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