Finally: Tips to Using Facebook the Right Way

Posted: February 21, 2011 by jerkmag in SURF -- tech, VAULT -- archives
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Recently, I decided to make a giant leap forward and do something I had been avoiding for at least five years: I decided to friend my mom on Facebook. Why? Maybe I could no longer ignore the fact that she also knew how to use a computer. Or maybe I just don’t care if she sees that I Like “Lower the Drinking Age,” or that I occasionally enjoy dropping the f-bomb in my statuses.

Anyway, this has been making me think, how do I adapt to a world where my parents, and every other person I’ve ever known in my life, are on Facebook? Easy, just follow this helpful guide I found today on how not to fail on Facebook. These fails must be seen because in a world where Facebook is not just a trend, but a part of daily life, it is important you use it properly:

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