Get Out in the Cold: Winterfest 2011 is Approaching

Posted: February 20, 2011 by jerkmag in ZONE -- syracuse
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Aside from drinking to stay warm, most students think that the Syracuse winter doesn’t really foster a lot of opportunities for shenanigans. I would beg to differ. From February 17 through 27, downtown Syracuse as well as various other areas in Onondaga County, will host Winterfest 2011. The event includes activities such as a Martini mix-off, a snowman building competition, and tango dancing. Restaurants in the area and other places such as the Rosamond Gifford Zoo will also have special activities. Visit the official website for a full list of events.

Winter in Syracuse can suck, especially when the city has already surpassed the average annual amount of snow and not everyone has a car on campus. Students constantly complain about their lack of entertainment and then do nothing but drink on the weekends. Get your hungover ass off the damn couch and have some good, clean fun! It won’t kill you, I promise.

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