Update your Sexual R’epertoire

Posted: February 16, 2011 by jerkmag in VICES -- sex, drugs & alcohol
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These sex positions will let you express your best "O Face" http://bit.ly/gQVVxH

Valentine’s Day might have been a couple days ago, but in case you didn’t get down with your significant other (or hook-up buddy) I am going to disclose some sexy information for you.

I stumbled upon an article entitled “3 Weird Sex Positions That Cause Intense Female Orgasm,” so naturally I continued reading. Although the article explicitly insinuated “girl and guy” I am almost positive a strap on could get these jobs done.

The first position is called the “amazon reverse” where the girl gets in the reverse cowgirl position. Then she lays flat against the other person’s legs, gripping on, and doing the damn thing.

The second position is called the “feedbag” where the girl gets in a half bridge position on a couch, chair, floor, etc, and hovers over the other persons mouth in a “sitting on your face” position. She positions her thighs on their shoulders and clenches so that, whilst in the air, she can be given the utmost pleasure.

And finally the last position in this article is called the “arch position” where the girl gets into a lobster position, or bridge, but rests her shoulders on the bed. The other person gets on his/her knees behind and does the dirty from there. I know if that were me I’d be a little sore. Anyways, go out there girls, guys and get it, give it, take it, whatever…enjoy!

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