Radiohead Once Again Proves They’re Better than Everyone Else; Announce New Album

Posted: February 15, 2011 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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While most musicians working today feel they must release all of the details of their next album months before it actually comes out, Radiohead once again proved their genius and did it just a week before.

Today, the British band announced that on Saturday they will be releasing their next album, “The King of Limbs,” this coming Saturday. Put this together with Arcade Fire winning Best Album at the Grammys and you have the equivalent of an indie music fan orgasm.

“The King of Limbs” will be Radiohead’s first album since 2007’s insanely experimental “In Rainbows.” It will definitely be interesting to see how much weirder and more unique this band can get. Nobody knows what the hell will be on this album but come Saturday, we will have our headphones plugged in, all ready to see what Thom Yorke and the rest of the group has in store for us now.

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