Spicing up Valentine’s Day Gifts

Posted: February 14, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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When we think of Valentine’s Day gifts, we always think of: boxes of chocolate, flowers, stuffed animals, and maybe a nice dinner out. These are the standard gift, wouldn’t you agree? Once in a while, someone will really go the extra mile and purchase their valentine a fine gem (these are the kind of valentines that you want to keep around!). Fact is, Valentine’s Day gifts have been become extremely generic and lackluster.

So why not shake it up? Bring fun and creativity back to Valentine’s Day gifts! The following are a few ideas I had for memorable gifts:

Dance Lessons: perhaps salsa or tango?

A scrapbook, capturing the images of your wonderful relationship.

Tickets to a musical concert, speaker, or special production.

A road trip in which you travel around your area for the day, exploring various stores and hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

However, I took the crafty approach and decided to make my valentine a picture that they could have forever. The basic idea is something that you could recreate from any graphic image you find online. For mine, I found the image of a pair of lips (puckered up of course!), blew it up on the page (without distorting it), and set it to fifty percent opacity. That way, when I went to go write on the image later, you could see the text clearly. I printed the image on quality card stock (thicker paper) and stenciled out what I wanted to say in pencil. That way, if I made a mistake, I could still alter it! I chose to write “love” in three different languages: English, German, and French. For your picture, you could use other languages, you could write “I love you”, or you can use a memorable quote. I chose to glitter “love” in my picture because I wanted that to the prominent feature of the picture, while the other two were written in red ink. Putting the finished product in a silver frame, kept it modern and timeless. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your lover with a unique, creative, and memorable gift!

How about you make your own Valentine’s Day card?

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