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Posted: February 13, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Homemade Valentine cards are just the right touch to let your significant other know you care

Inadvertently, year after year, we find ourselves scouring through the card racks at Hallmark searching for the “perfect” Valentine’s Day card. While these cliché cards are cute and suiting for the situation, what happened to making your own?

What many fail to realize is that making your own card is actually cheaper and shows the other person that you really thought about them. In the time that it would take you to scour the card rack at Hallmark, you could have made your own!

Here’s how I made mine:

Sparkle Kiss: Who doesn’t want to receive a kiss on Valentine’s Day? I found the image of kiss marks online, copied them to a text document (you could also use Photoshop) and scattered them on the page. Print it out, glitter as many of the lips as you like, although just one set makes it really “pop.” I chose to write “kisses” along the edge of the smaller card and added “pucker up” and “xoxo” to the larger card.

(Time to complete: 10 minutes)

Hearts galore: Keeping the Valentine’s Day color palette in mind, I utilized white, red, and pink construction paper to make these cards. The hearts were simply constructed by folding a small piece of scrap paper in half and cutting a half-a-heart shape out. Open it up and you have a perfectly symmetrical heart! When you have cut out enough hearts, arrange them any way you like on your card and feel free to glitter one for a little extra pizzaz!

(Time to complete: 5 minutes)

The creativity doesn’t have to stop there! You could make a card and draw a bouquet of flowers on it or make a card with a photo of you and your lover on the front. Anyway you create it, no matter how much time or effort you put in to it, the other person will most definitely be impressed by your efforts and thoughtfulness! Remember, the more effort you put in, the sweeter the reward for you will be!

Wanna spice up your last minute v-day gift?

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