C’mon, Myspace Matters!

Posted: November 19, 2010 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives

There will always be a runner-up in advertising. Pepsi will never win the top spot from Coke. iPods are preferred over other music devices. And since Facebook showed up, Myspace seems archaic. But the site hasn’t given up; it’s enticing our middle school, sentimental sides with a new logo.

The new Myspace profile is a space where people can become whoever they want to be. The space in the logo is meant for artwork or images from users; they can fill it to best represent them. (Or they can mess with it, like Gawker.)

The idea is creative, but mostly it’s a few years too late to sway anyone, even if they do miss zany profile backgrounds and changing music every six hours.

~Nicole Fisher

  1. […] was expected to lay off almost half of its employees this week. Unsurprisingly, it seems the new format and logo didn’t bring back users. Unfortunately the want-to-be-scenester Myspace photos will still […]

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