Now on Facebook: Laugh at the Non-Groupies

Posted: October 26, 2010 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives

Facebook recently announced its newest feature, Groups. In response to the harsh criticism the site received regarding privacy issues, the company has come up with this latest plan to ensure that users can act freely on Facebook.

Groups let Facebook members create a specific collection of people. For instance, the president of a fraternity could create a group for everyone in his chapter. After the group is created, users can upload pictures and information exclusively to that group, meaning anyone who is not a member of the group cannot see what has been uploaded. Also, all members of the group can communicate with each other simultaneously through Facebook chat.

While I think this a great idea in terms of giving users more control over their privacy, I can’t realistically see people actually using this new feature. Facebook, like all other social networking sites, is about attention. People love uploading pictures of their drunken nights for the entire Facebook world to see and then comment on. People bitch about online privacy all the time, but if you’re joining a social networking site, you’re clearly not looking to escape the public eye.

~Dee Lockett


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