Kale and Chocolate Chip Pancakes: Yum?

Posted: October 26, 2010 by jerkmag in CRISP -- health, VAULT -- archives

I used to hate fruit. That’s weird, but not too weird. I also functioned like a coffee-addicted adult in that I couldn’t start my day without a glass of apple juice. Seriously.  And I liked peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. But none of those things are weird compared to the strange things NYTimes readers submitted as things their kids eat. I’m all about creativity in the kitchen, but some parents spend way too much time caring about the appearance of their children’s food so that they’ll eat it. Whatever happened to good ol’ square-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches, Doritos, and carrot sticks?

Check out the photo slideshow and be amazed.

~Alicia Smith


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