Lindsay Lohan, A Retrospective

Posted: October 17, 2010 by jerkmag in POP - pop culture


It’s a shame us common folk can’t change the picture on our licenses as much as certain celebrities (Ahem, Miss Lohan) change their mug shots. Bitch could make a scrapbook at the rate she’s going. The shots go (right to left) from July 2007 to her latest incarceration on September 24, when she was arrested again for failing two drug tests. Rumor has it that Judge Elden Fox didn’t even give Lohan’s lawyers a chance, and just had the coke whore whisked away in handcuffs without bail.

Let’s take a vote: which mug shot delivers the best ‘I’m innocent’ face? It looks like she started off trying to appear skeptical, and eventually admitted pathetic defeat. In her most recent shot, she kind of looks like a She-Carrot Top.

I’d say orange is her color, but I don’t want her getting any ideas. Syracuse has standards.

~Julia Fuino

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    hahaha she looks too pissed off to be innocent – i mean she can’t twitter about her daddys issues from jail now can she? LOVE the ending! Willy Wonka can keep this Oompa Loompa!

  2. […] Lindsay Lohan figured it was her time to shine; this time, most likely in orange. Oh wait, she has done that already hasn’t she? Yesterday morning, Lohan was sent back to court for a 10 a.m. hearing on her […]

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