It’s Not Me, It’s You

Posted: October 11, 2010 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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If you’re having a tough time picture stalking your Facebook friends, you were probably defriended. If you really have no idea why this happened, Time ran a story telling you exactly why your friends and/or vaguely defined acquaintances would want to delete you:

  1. Being redundant: If your friends can’t stand listening to you go on and on about your issues in person why would they want to read it in status form every three minutes?
  2. Political POVs: We all know politics is something you don’t discuss at the dinner table, and maybe that ideology should be the same on Facebook as well.
  3. Religious tangents: See #2.
  4. Would you say that to your mother?: Check your taste level. If you feel like you could be conversing with Snooki, think before you post.
  5. Racism: Really? I don’t know what the bigger issue is here; the fact that racism is still a problem in 2010 or that it’s only the fifth most annoying thing to people.

~Nicole Fisher

  1. aprilmayparker says:

    Also, people who update their status telling people what they’re doing every minute of their lives. TMI. No thank you!

  2. Karen Hor says:

    I love this jerk post, lots.

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