Government Stiffs Freelancers – Will They Ever Be Friends? (No.)

Posted: October 3, 2010 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Friday, September 24, was International Freelancers Day. According to Sara Horowitz, founder of the NPO Freelancers Union, there are currently 42 million freelance workers in this country.

While freelancers make up a large percentage of this economy, especially in the world of journalism, they are often ignored by the government. Unlike ‘traditional’ employees, freelancers currently do not receive health insurance, unemployment insurance, or protection from unpaid wages, race, gender, and age discrimination.

Many like to devalue the work of freelancers. As an aspiring journalist, I plan on spending a large chunk of my life doing freelance work. I’d like to think that our government would recognize the work of all employees and grant us the rights that we deserve. It’s almost like there’s tension between the media and the government. Has anyone ever heard of this? I should get going on some unpaid research.

~Dee Lockett

  1. tim ubl says:

    Why did the GSA put 500 companies out of business costing over 5,000 private sector jobs?

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