Mark Zuckerberg Compensates for Time Lost on Facebook

Posted: September 29, 2010 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Sign


You may know Mark Zuckerberg as the founder of Facebook. And soon, you’ll know him as Mark Zuckerberg, the not-so-silent crusader for the American public education system.

On Friday morning — the same day The Social Network debuted at the New York Film Festival — Zuckerberg talked with Oprah and formally announced his donation of $100 million to the city of Newark, NJ. He appeared alongside newly elected New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker to discuss his foundation Startup: Education.

Of the start-up Zuckerberg says, “I’ve spent a lot of the last year just researching myself what the most leveraged ways are to impact the education system across the country…[I had to] go into a place that is ready for real reform, that has great leaders to invest in.”

His conclusion: Newark is perfect! As a native Jersey girl, I can attest that Newark is indeed a shithole, a city decaying with every passing day. Like other New Jersey cities Camden, Paterson, and Trenton, it has fallen victim to crime, drugs, poverty, and corruption.

Now, hear me out. I believe what Zuckerberg is doing is incredibly admirable, albeit a little ironic considering he created a website that has essentially become the greatest distraction to students across the globe. However, his choice of Newark as the first test for this start-up is foolish.

Zuckerberg claims that Jersey has great leaders to invest in, but he clearly hasn’t done his research. Gov. Chris Christie is plain and simply using Zuckerberg to save his own ass. Back in March, Christie announced a radical plan to reduce the state’s $10.7 billion deficit, by cutting the education budget $820 million.

Zuckerberg is a smart man; he’s a billionaire at 26, but this decision is clearly showing his youth. Look up Christie on Facebook. Under interests I’m sure you’ll find things like greed, narcissism, and douchebaggery.

~Dee Lockett

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