Athlete Acts Stupidly – Breaking News

Posted: September 29, 2010 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Braylon Edwards


New York Jets’ receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested last Tuesday for a DUI. Edwards blew a 0.16 on a breathalyzer test, twice the legal limit. He was released without bail on a misdemeanor charge. For anyone other than a professional football player, a DUI has serious consequences. For Edwards, it means he didn’t start on the Sunday night game against the Miami Dolphins. He was allowed to play, though. I guess if the likes of Michael Vick are still allowed to play in the NFL, why shouldn’t Edwards?

~Meghin Delaney

  1. Swede says:

    i don’t get it.
    for some reason, the ability to run really fast, throw a ball really far, or punch someone really hard, you get special legal treatment?
    for example, if i’m a hockey player (no offense to those who are) i can start a fight with a guy, knock his teeth out, or seriously injure him as long as i do it during gametime in the rink. i’m sorry, but that’s just fucked up.

  2. American says:

    Yo, this is America. We’re pretty goddamn violent. And stupid.

  3. MC says:

    The Jets won, so all is well in the world.

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