Eat Ice Cream and Nap – New Career Goal

Posted: September 26, 2010 by jerkmag in CRISP -- health
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The semester is officially in full swing, which means lots of homework and not enough shut-eye.

Sleep is important for our well-being. According to Mayo Clinic, adults need at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. How many of us are actually getting that? In planning out my day, I’m finding that napping is losing its staying power on my to-do list. In short, school is bad for our health. F you, SU. I’ve also realized that when I have to be a real adult next year with (hopefully) a full-time job, naps will probably disappear.

But then I had a revelation: I need to forget my journalism aspirations and go work for Ben & Jerry’s in Burlington, Vermont. I may not make much money, and I won’t get any bylines, but at least I’ll be well-rested and living the Americone Dream.


~Alicia Smith

  1. […] Being productive. I’ve found that even my laziest days at home are more productive than any weekend I’ve had at ‘Cuse. Our fragile bodies might not be used to running errands and eating three meals in one day so you might want to take it easy every once in a while i.e. NAP. […]

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